Congrats 2016 Champions

Nicole Temple – Enduro Class Champion

Jim Platz  HSAX Class Champion


Great racing Lakeshore members!  Looking forward to a strong 2017 season.

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Congrats 2014 Class Champions

Congrats to the 2014 Midwestern Council Class Champions in Lakeshore Sports Car Club.

Wheel to Wheel Champions:

SSC – Evan P.

CFF – John H.

Spec Miata – Stephanie A.


High Speed Autocross Champions:

SU – Cameron L.

SS – Jim P.

YP – Mike N.

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2013 Lakeshore Class Champions

Congratulations to Lakeshore Sports Car Club’s 2013 Class Champions!  The 2013 season included 10 Wheel to Wheel events and 5 HSAX events at Blackhawk Farms, Road America, Autobahn Country Club, and GingerMan Raceway.

High Speed Autocoss Champions:

     Cameron Lane  –  SU, ’72 Datsun 240z

     Mike Nasif – YP, ’11 Chevrolet Corvette GS

     Michael Prescott – XP, ’04 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Wheel to Wheel Champions:

     Dick Karth – GTSC, ’96 Ford Taurus (Defending Champion)

     Ron Jerominski – SP, ’73 Chevrolet Corvette

     Tim McLean – ITGT, ’89 Porsche 944 (Defending Champion)


Dick Karth

Ron RA

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